Beautiful Tobago Cays
We had a nice day sail from Bequia to Mayreau.  As we made our way in to the harbor at Mayreau,  a local boat boy Danny MacKay stopped by in his skiff, asking if we would like lunch to be cooked for us tomorrow.  We thanked him, but declined, although we did say we would have a beer with him later at the local reggae bar.  We asked how to find the bar, and he told us to just keep walking up the hill until you hear the music.  After Danny left,  we had a few hours of light to enjoy the great long white beach and Niko was definitely thinking it was doggie day romping and swimming to her hearts content!


Reef in Tobago Cays
Gail chasing a turtle
The next morning we got our things ready for a snorkel around the Tobago Cays, which was just a short dingy ride away.  Now, this is one place in the Caribbean that has had color of water like the Bahamas.   It is absolutely beautiful with turquoise and emerald water merging with white sand.  We picked our way through the reefs outside of Mayreau to the Cays, making our way to one of many snorkel spots.  Gail wanted to swim with the turtles, and boy did she ever get that chance!  They had set up a great semi-enclosed area with at least 30 or more turtles all around and we found out that it is quite hard to take a picture of someone swimming with the turtles without getting a butt shot –  I think the turtles plan that!   After chasing the turtles around for awhile, we scooted the Boston Minnow (our Boston Whaler dingy) out and around to the outer reefs to do a little more snorkeling.  We were able to see quite a few things – beautiful coral, some cuttlefish and some good sized lobster – only if it wasn’t a protected park…


Danny and Righteous Robert

With our appetites high, we made it back to Joana, cleaned up and headed into town to take a look.  After a nice long walk up the hill, we took a break to have a fish sandwich. Just as we finished, Danny walked by and offered to take us on a walking tour, which really was just a walk up the hill to the church, but which had a great view of all the Grenadines.  Danny was full of info.  He explained that the island is owned by one family and everyone there leases the land.  Like a lot of the islands, there really isn’t much of an industry and they rely mostly on tourism.  In the case of Mayreau, they are building a new resort that should help them once it opens up.
Church at top of the hill
Gail asked if he was married, but like most Eastern Caribbean men, he said he wasn’t but that he has a Baby Mama.  Now, that threw Gail for a loop and she asked him what that meant!  We had to explain that a Baby Mama was the mother of his kid but they weren’t married.  We have found that it is rare around here to only have one Baby Mama!
We made our way back down the hill toward the reggae blasting and some smiling happy locals hanging out front of Robert’s Righteous Reggae Bar.  What a character Robert is…he will talk your ear off about living life to the fullest and make sure you give back to the kids.  Most of his profits from the bar go to the education of the kids on the island.  He is one of those beautiful people you meet when your out cruising that makes you remember why we love to do what we do.
With dusk coming on and the dance floor shaking up, we said our good byes, had our last dance, and made our way back to the boat, ready to head to Union tomorrow.
Love this mural!