What a whirl wind holiday season we have had! It all started back in Rodney Bay in St Lucia. We decided to meet up with our friends on s/v Solmate, s/v Sabaticus, s/v Ultra and s/v Zero to Cruising for Thanksgiving. All of these guys are about our age and tons of fun, so we knew we were in for a good time! We had a swanky Thanksgiving meal out, then ended up going to a casino and then back to Joana for a late night dance party on board, complete with marlin spike costumes! Mike and Rebecca from Zero to Cruising decided to go home early, which around here is a no-no and so of course we had to prank them – similar to when you were 13 at a slumber party and the first one asleep got magic marker all over their face – but boat style! So, we all got in our dignies, dressed up in crazy outfits, planning in loud, wine induced whispers, giggling like little kids, and banged on Zero-to-Cruising’s hull at 4am and yelled “You’re dragging!” Well, Mike was up in about 1.1 seconds, totally confused, then saw it was us and in no time we had buckets of water being hurled at us! Ahh, to be 13 again!

The Childish Pranksters!

We tore up Rodney Bay with our friends, going to street parties, back to the casino and just having a great time hanging out with everyone. It was then that we decided to bag our plan of Christmas in Bequia and instead joined the party caravan North for Christmas in Saint Martin. Of course there are a few islands in the way that need to be pirated!