As we continued our journey north, we stopped at Pigeon Island in Guadeloupe. The main attraction is the Cousteau Underwater Park. We did three dives here over the course of two days and all of them were fantastic. Rocks, cliffs, great coral and lots of fish made for beautiful dives!

From Pigeon Island we traveled up the coast to Deshaies. The following day, we gathered everyone together, including four friends from s/v Song and s/v Blue Moment and decided to do a hike up a river bed to a waterfall. It wasn’t really a hike – it was really river rock hoping! It was so much fun! We even brought Niko and Sol mate brought their dog, Bella. Niko thought she was a mountain goat as she bounded from rock to rock! We hiked for about an hour and a half and then stopped for lunch and a swim. A little further up was a road that you could walk back to town on, and about half the group opted to do that while the rest continued on to the waterfall. Another half hour of rock hoping, a few Spiderman moves over some rocks and we were standing in a semi-cave with thousands of gallons of water pouring down from above. Another great day in paradise!

Josh bosun chair swinging
Wild women

Rock hopping

Monkey see Monkey do

Baguette anyone?
Making our way over the rocks

Entrance to the falls

The falls