The Ultimate Charter Experience In Paradise

Your Vacation on Joana

The activities & itinerary can be tailored according to your personal preferences. We love to bring our guests to all the great snorkling spots, show you how to fish or paddle board. We have numerous hammoks and will set up „hammock city“ on a deserted island for you so you can relax in the shade under a palm tree swinging in the breeze.

In the evening time, we can have drinks around a bonfire on the beach or even cook freshly caught fish on the fire.

Watch this video to get an idea what San Blas is like.

The Kuna Experience

Most of the islands are uninhabited, some are populated with typical Kuna huts. You can watch the Kuna sailing / paddling between the islands in their dug out canoes called „ulus“.

Joana has been in the area for five years and has strong bonds with the local community. We can introduce you to some Kuna friends, visit their islands and experience their daily life.

You can book an optional jungle hike with a local Kuna, learning about their culture finishing with a refreshing bath under a waterfall.

Dream Destination San Blas

The San Blas Islands (Guna Yala), inhabited by the indigenous Kuna tribe, consist of more than 360 picturesque islands with white sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the wind.

The territory of Guna Yala is geographically part of Panama‘s Caribbean east coast, but politically independent since 1924. The beautiful archipelago has a tranquil and peaceful vibe, which makes it one of many cruisers‘ favorite destinations.

Beautiful anchorages are plentiful and there is an abundance of underwater flora and fauna, that can easily be explored with mask and snorkle.


Please contact us about rates & dates for the upcoming season or for information about how to get to Joana in the San Blas Islands

Charter Experience in San Blas

Watch these videos to get an idea how your vacation could be like on Sail Joana. We tailor your charter trip to your preferences. Sail Joana offers exclusive charters for families or groups of friends as well as mixed group charters.

At the beginning of each charter, we talk to our guests to understand, where to put the focus during your time aboard: snorkling, island exploration, SUP, the Kuna culture or learning how to sail a tradtional sailboat are some of the available activities.

Mixed Group Sailing Charter

Stand Up Paddling and Beach Fun

Family Charter Jungle Hike