We weren’t quite tired of the French islands, so our next stop was Les Saintes. On the way down, we were able to get a mooring ball for free, but they have started charging for them, and charging a lot! It would have been about 15 Euros a night for a boat our size, so we decided to anchor around the corner from the main town. Our friends followed suit, so we had the “cool kids corner” in Petite Anse. It was a beautiful spot, in front of a little resort with a mini piton just abeam of us. The water was crystal clear and a nice turquoise blue. We spent the next few days walking around the picturesque town, relaxing in the great water and even got another dive in. The nights were spent frequenting the local watering holes. Our favorite was a place called Coconuts which played great music and we danced well into the morning there. Two of our friends who shall remain nameless tried to re-enact a Dancing with the Stars move – the one where one person is swung under the legs of the other and then back again…well, they did it great once – I mean toes pointed perfectly and everything…but then they got greedy and tried it again and all I will say is one ended up with a big bump on the head and the other with a black eye! I didn’t know dancing was a contact sport!

Josh and Connor before they jumped from the top of the crow’s nest!

The three pretty ladies

Girls’ day in the water

After the dive