Sorry guys, you will have to wait to hear about our adventures in Havana!  We are in Mexico, heading to Honduras tomorrow.  I will finish the Havana blog as well as our advenutures in Isla Mujeres and Cozumel on the way to Roatan.  Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Keeping you in suspense…

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Joana Crew

    A friend of yours, Frank L., showed me your site/blog this morning. Wow! What a great life you're leading.

    And thank you for your elegant blog. I'd be living in Mexico on the Sea of Cortez, but I'm stuck here in NY looking after mom. At least now I have a vicarious window on the good sea/nature/adventuring life.

    My your journey be blissful and safe.


  2. JOJO

    Thanks for the great note! Any time you are looking to get away from NY for a little while, let us know and come sailing! We are headed down to Colombia and the San Blas islands in Panama!

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