It’s low season in San Blas so it’s time to spruce up the old girl. We are off to haul out at Shelter Bay in Colon, Panama. Our fist leg takes us to Linton, about 40 miles from San Blas. The sea state was about one and half meters with ten second swells. It looked like good weather to head over the banks for some fishing. Cath is not a fan of the washing machine effect that can happen over the banks, which meant the presure was on.  About five hours later and lots of course changes (the flippen’ birds lie every time) we had ourselves a nice tunny. Sashimi and anchor wine… it was a great way to start our two days in Linton. 

Rickety old light tower in Isla Grande
We needed some Margaritas after that hike up the tower.
Well stocked reggae bar
Holy fishing. 
On our way to the French restaurant. Over the reefs and through the mangroves. 
Maria enjoying some water sports 
Panama transportation. 
On our way to get provisioning, and this isn’t even a full bus.