Well the time has come.  We made our way to Colon to stay the night in the Flats (anchoring area) before we were hauled out in the morning at Shelter Bay.

It is always an entertaining trip through the fleet of tankers moving in and out of the Panama Canal. It has been awhile being the small one in the harbor!  We played a bit of Frogger at the breakwater but anchored up nicely in the Flats, just in time for a pilot change which meant some nice wakes for about two hours. The next morning we gave the marina a call on the VHF, set our time and was off to haul  this old broad out. For a boat owner, especially one who has a 37 ton boat, hauling can be a nerve-racking exercise. 
All went smoothly and it was the first time I have seen a yard move their boats from a travel lift to a trailer. 
We assesed our new home for a month and then met some old friends who told us about the marina’s happy hour.  We had to take the time to prep ourselves for the work after all.
Getting set on to the trailer 
Cath chasing after our new land yacht.
That is not fog. Our defense against the war of Panama bugs.
Eugene the man to know at happy hour.