Well the fun has started and we are officially land lubbers. We expect a month of work but as boats go, add a few weeks on to any plans. Our list seems to be forever growing. Soon I will have to start hiding all the pens and paper on the boat so Cath can’t make  any more lists. First time in Joana’s history of us owning her we have hired people to sand and paint. Quite the luxury for us. Well, we thought. 

So far it has taking two weeks to get the hull done. We had it set up with the yard, but of course there was some sort of problem, like waiting for the proper dust masks. Finally there was some activity after Cath had hit her patient threshhold.  Out came the bi$,& wings and off to talk with the yard. The next day we had two workers and most of the boat sanded. They did in the end have to pass the work on to a local contractor as their  priorities were obviously for the big super sailing cat down the way. 
Now that we have some decent workers we are just waiting for decent weather. Beautiful Panama is showing its true water colors. 
In betwean spurts of rain we have managed to get the hull and topsodes sanded, hawse pipe fixed, new bobstays on the bow sprit, all inside hull primed and painted,  aft deck demoed and redesigned and the digny preped for overhaul. 
There is much much more but I will bore you with that next time…
Our version of American Gothic

Our motivation 

Sole prepping 
Aft deck demoing
Bobstay change 

Boys sanding 


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  1. Anonymous

    Can't wait to party on the new aft deck…should it be called a poop deck or a pooped deck, only time will tell! "the Kooks"

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