Our days of yard work can be long and tiresome, so it has been quite the treat to have unlimited access to Panama at its best – jungle entertainment. 

Shelter Bay sits on a national park, once occupied by the American military. As with most of Panama, the signs of the American past are throughout the land near Shelter Bay.  Its surrounding jungle is inhabited by wild and crazy things including the random man-made armory bunkers, over grown with vines, slowly being engulfed by wild Panama.  At times it could be a scene out of Platoon.

Our morning coffee is accompanied with music of unidentified birds that make sounds that I never knew existed. White faced monkeys jump from tree to tree.  Howler monkeys roar so loud that if you weren’t told what it was, you would think that you were hearing an ancient TRex.  The vocal power that comes out of these little creatures is amazing. It puts Rob Zombie to shame. 

Niko’s list of odd things that a sailing dog gets to meet is forever growing here. The monkeys have now become her “land dolphons” and she is always on the look out.

As for us , it’s nice to be able to wonder away from the pressures of yard and see and hear things that the ocean life lacks. Although, I also try to get Cath to take a left insted of a right and enjoy the walk down to the breakwater, just to get that nice salt air on my face again and see the hussle and bussle of the Panama Canal shipping life. 

Whatever direction we chose to take in the morning or evning, there is always something to look at if we choose to see it. 

Song of the Howler

Niko looking for the monkeys 


Jungel taking over 

Watch where you walk 

Maria thinking she is sneaking up on the frog 

                                                 The bathroom watchman, Niko is not impressed 

                   Storm abrewing